Natacha Pavlov

Belgian born and raised, I'm a writer with a Comparative World Literature background who wrote my first poem at 7 years of age. The idea for my first short story collection "Twisted Reflections" came to me in the midst of working on my two other projects. Strongly Jesus inclined and influenced by my German, Russian and Christian Palestinian heritage, I write creative nonfiction and historical fiction with doses of spirituality, magical realism and myth/folk tale elements. In October 2014, I've also had the honor of joining in support of Jamaica Stevens' "ReInhabiting the Village: CoCreating our Future"—Executive Produced by Keyframe-Entertainment—as Copy Editor. This substantial multimedia project boasts a compendium of knowledge whose main book component launched in August 2015.View my website at look forward to connecting with readers and writers on GR, as well as keeping track of my reads and writing reviews. :)<3†!!
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