Tracy Goss

<p>Tracy Goss is an internationally recognized consultant, author, and lecturer and the foremost authority on Executive Re-invention. Her award winning book, The Last Word on Power: Executive Re-invention for Leaders Who Must Make the Impossible Happen is a must-read for corporate executives or any leader who must acquire the power to go beyond continuous improvement and make the impossible a reality.</p><p>Ms. Goss is President of Goss-Reid Associates, a management consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. She specializes in working with Chief Executive Officers and their senior management teams worldwide to invent and strategically plan an "impossible future"; and to "re-invent" themselves and their organizations to successfully lead their industry into that future. Her unique "Re-invention Methodology" is a series of seven specific transformations in which leaders acquire a new core competency--the ability to deliver a unique process designed to identify and produce, on a consistent and predictable basis, results that are deemed "desirable but impossible". Over the past fifteen years, Ms. Goss has introduced the strategic thinking principles and practices of Executive Re-Invention to visionary leaders in many industries. Her clients include major U.S. and international communications, technology, banking, chemical, and retailing companies.</p><p>Ms. Goss is a 2006 recipient of the business leadership award, "Keeping America Strong". She is a graduate of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Mastery of Management, a graduate program taught by the faculty of Darden Business School at the University of Virginia. She has written for The Harvard Business Review and lectured to audiences worldwide.</p>


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