Rupi Kaur

Rupi Kaur, born 1992, is an Indian-Canadian poet, writer, illustrator, and performer. Throughout high school, she anonymously shared her writing, and in 2013 she began sharing her work under her own name on Tumblr. Kaur took her writing to Instagram in 2014 and began adding simple illustrations. All of her work is written exclusively in lowercase, and the only punctuation used is the period. In the Gurmukhi script, there is only one case and only periods are used. She decided to write this way to honour her culture. She also says that she enjoys the equality of letters and that the style reflects her worldview. Her written work is meant to be an experience that's easy to follow for the reader, with simple drawings to elevate her words. Common themes found throughout her works include abuse, femininity, love, and heartbreak. Kaur's first book, an anthology titled Milk and Honey (stylized as milk and honey), was published on November 4th, 2014. A collection of poetry, prose, and hand-drawn illustrations, the book is split into four chapters, and each chapter deals with a different theme. Book sales of milk and honey surpassed the 2.5 million copy mark. The book was on The New York Times Best Seller list for over 77 weeks.



Ann Latukhovahas quoted23 days ago
like your mouth has the gift of reading and i’m your favorite book.
b2811323185has quoted2 years ago
you’re everywhere
except right here
and it hurts
b7968073983has quoted2 years ago
one week after the breakup
and i’m not sure how to answer her question
except for the fact that i thought love
looked so much like you
that’s when it hit me
and i realized how naive i had been
to place an idea so beautiful on the image of a person
as if anybody on this entire earth
could encompass all love represented
as if this emotion seven billion people tremble for
would look like a five foot eleven
medium-sized brown-skinned guy
who likes eating frozen pizza for breakfast
what does love look like the therapist asks again
this time interrupting my thoughts midsentence
and at this point i’m about to get up
and walk right out the door
except i paid far too much money for this hour
so instead i take a piercing look at her
the way you look at someone
when you’re about to hand it to them
lips pursed tightly preparing to launch into conversation
eyes digging deeply into theirs
searching for all the weak spots
they have hidden somewhere
hair being tucked behind the ears
as if you have to physically prepare for a conversation
on the philosophies or rather disappointments
of what love looks like
well i tell her
i don’t think love is him anymore
if love was him
he would be here wouldn’t he
if he was the one for me
wouldn’t he be the one sitting across from me
if love was him it would have been simple
i don’t think love is him anymore i repeat
i think love never was
i think i just wanted something
was ready to give myself to something
i believed was bigger than myself
and when i saw someone
who could probably fit the part
i made it very much my intention
to make him my counterpart
and i lost myself to him
he took and he took
wrapped me in the word special
until i was so convinced he had eyes only to see me
hands only to feel me
a body only to be with me
oh how he emptied me
how does that make you feel
interrupts the therapist
well i said
it kind of makes me feel like shit
maybe we’re all looking at it wrong
we think it’s something to search for out there
something meant to crash into us
on our way out of an elevator
or slip into our chair at a cafe somewhere
appear at the end of an aisle at the bookstore
looking the right amount of sexy and intellectual
but i think love starts here
everything else is just desire and projection
of all our wants needs and fantasies
but those externalities could never work out
if we didn’t turn inward and learn
how to love ourselves in order to love other people
love does not look like a person
love is our actions
love is giving all we can
even if it’s just the bigger slice of cake
love is understanding
we have the power to hurt one another
but we are going to do everything in our power
to make sure we don’t
love is figuring out all the kind sweetness we deserve
and when someone shows up
saying they will provide it as you do
but their actions seem to break you
rather than build you
love is knowing whom to choose

you cannot
walk in and out of me
like a revolving door


Эсфирь Пиевскаяshared an impression2 years ago
🔮Hidden Depths
👍Worth reading

Разрывает сердце и даёт скотч, чтоб его собрать его обратно

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    Rupi Kaur
    Milk and Honey
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  • lollipop1820shared an impressionlast year
    💞Loved Up
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    Красивые стихи (поэтические строки) о жизни, о происходящем в жизни автора. Книгу хочется приобрести себе на полку и иногда перечитывать. Некоторые фразы очень цепляют.

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    Rupi Kaur
    Milk and Honey
    • 32.8K
    • 9.6K
    • 687
    • 1.8K
  • Kierra Johnsonshared an impression2 years ago
    💡Learnt A Lot
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    Very much in love with this book read the whole thing in one day ❤️🦋🔥

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    Rupi Kaur
    Milk and Honey
    • 32.8K
    • 9.6K
    • 687
    • 1.8K
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