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    b2121381269has quoted2 years ago
    I never went home with him, never saw his life, never knew that person Gat was when not on Beechwood Island.
    michellehas quoted2 years ago
    Couldn’t. Couldn’t. Wouldn’t.
    michellehas quoted2 years ago
    It doesn’t matter if one of us is desperately, desperately in love.

    So much

    in love
    Aminahas quoted2 years ago
    If you want to live where people are not afraid of mice, you must give up living in palaces.
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    Gat hasn’t quite looked at me, though.

    I can’t stop looking at him.
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    I am so angry. And so happy to see him.
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    I don’t know how to talk to him.

    I love him.

    He’s been an ass.
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    “What happened to the little blond girls who used to run around this place?”

    Mummy sighs. “We grew up, Dad,” she says. “We grew up.”
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    Mirren pauses. Then she says: “Be a little kinder than you have to.”

    We are all silenced by that. It seems impossible to argue with.

    Then Johnny says, “Never eat anything bigger than your ass.”
    Lyrahas quotedlast year
    “You know what’s terrifying?” Gat says, not looking at me. “What’s terrifying is he’s turned out to be right.”

    I'm guessing , grandad said something to him or madw him do something to cadence in summer 15

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