Daisy Williams

Author and chef Daisy Williams is passionate about clean and healthy eating, but she knows that it can seem next to impossible to someone just embarking on a food journey. It took years for her to move from the all-American diet processed and chemical-ridden convenience food to a healthier lifestyle that draws true nourishment from organic, whole foods. Now that she's made the transition her self, she loves helping people realize that there is a healthier way and that it's not as hard as you might think! Eating clean didn't come easily to Daisy--her food journey started out of pure necessity. After being constantly ill for years and trying just about every medicine under the sun, she finally tried the nutrition angle as a last-ditch effort. A friend had advised reducing the chemicals in her diet, and since nothing else seemed to be working, she figured there was nothing to lose. Within weeks it became clear that nutrition was a huge factor impacting her health concerns! And thus her passion for clean eating was born. Daisy is convinced that most people can improve their quality of life by adjusting their nutritional lifestyle. And she wants people considering clean eating to know that it's not impossible; in fact, it's delicious! Her books feat ure some fantastic recipes, from clean eating, green smoothies to Paleo slow cooker recipes that you'll love. Her dream is that through her story, people will be inspired to make healthy changes even before their health is suffering.
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