Stacy Milescu

Stacy Milescu

Author and healer Stacy Milescu leads her life toward peace and wellness. She has years of experience in the areas of spiritual healing, holistic health, yoga, and meditation. Through these disciplines, she is able to help people work through seasons of stress, grief, or injury, and also to find clarity and drive during more comfortable times. Stacy first encountered yoga and meditation in 2004. She found herself nearly overwhelmed by anxiety while her husband was fighting cancer, and a friend suggested yoga as an option for centering herself. She quickly became interested in meditation and holistic health as well. With the help of a spiritual advisor and a fantastic yoga instruction, she regained her breath and survived those scary years. Now she and her husband--cancer free for almost 8 years now--do yoga together a couple times a week! When she is not pursuing wellness, Stacy is generally enjoying time with her fantastic husband Gabe and their two boys Jake and Evan. As a family, they enjoy playing card games. She tends to lose at Euchre, but wins at Poker. She likes to think her penchant for serenity helps her poker face.

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