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Serunjogi Mahadhas quoted2 years ago
Therefore ask yourself some basic questions before you start. For example: “In what capacity am I going to address the reader?” (Reporter? Provider of information? Average man or woman?) “What pronoun and tense am I going to use?” “What style?” (Impersonal reportorial? Personal but formal? Personal and casual?) “What attitude am I going to take toward the material?” (Involved? Detached? Judgmental? Ironic? Amused?) “How much do I want to cover?” “What one point do I want to make?”
Serunjogi Mahadhas quoted2 years ago
They made certain reductive decisions about time and place and about individual characters in that time and place—one man pursuing one whale.
Serunjogi Mahadhas quoted2 years ago
Therefore your lead must capture the reader immediately and force him to keep reading. It must cajole him with freshness, or novelty, or paradox, or humor, or surprise, or with an unusual idea, or an interesting fact, or a question.

Leads are important. You must hook the reader with the first sentence, followed by the next, the third until they are caught into your web

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