Clémentine Beauvais

I was born in Paris in 1989 and though I started to read children’s books pretty early, I somehow never stopped. As a result, I’ve become a writer, reader and student of children’s literature. I’ve now been living and studying in Cambridge (UK) for seven years and have become a doctor. Well, not the type that saves people’s lives. The type that scribbles ‘PhD’ after their name and rambles on about beauty, truth and the value of (all) literature. Worth striving for, I think! More about my academic work here.The other thing I do is write books — children’s books, surprisingly enough. In fact, it’s not ‘the other thing’. It’s the first thing I ever did, really — long before I heard that you could actually analyse books for a living, I wanted to write books for a living. So I started writing, and ultimately getting published — in French first, and now in English as well. My first series of children’s books in English, led by self-made superheroine Sesame Seade, is being published in 2013 by Hodder Children’s Books!I am represented by Kirsty McLachlan of David Godwin Associates.‘How’s your name pronounced???!!!!!’Clementeen Bovay.But that’s not even all there is to it. My full name is Clémentine Morgane Mélusine Hécate Beauvais.As Sesame Seade would have it: ‘Seriously! Parents!’— from her website
years of life: 1989 present

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