Joseph Rudyard Kipling

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    Even the tiger runs and hides when little Tabaqui goes mad, for madness is the most disgraceful thing that can overtake a wild creature.
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    "Look at me," said Bagheera. And Mowgli looked at him steadily between the eyes. The big panther turned his head away in half a minute.

    "That is why," he said, shifting his paw on the leaves. "Not even I can look thee between the eyes, and I was born among men, and I love thee, Little Brother. The others they hate thee because their eyes cannot meet thine; because thou art wise; because thou hast pulled out thorns from their feet—because thou art a man."
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    At last there were only Akela, Bagheera, and perhaps ten wolves that had taken Mowgli's part. Then something began to hurt Mowgli inside him, as he had never been hurt in his life before, and he caught his breath and sobbed, and the tears ran down his face.

    "What is it? What is it?" he said. "I do not wish to leave the jungle, and I do not know what this is. Am I dying, Bagheera?"

    "No, Little Brother. That is only tears such as men use," said Bagheera. "Now I know thou art a man, and a man's cub no longer. The jungle is shut indeed to thee henceforward. Let them fall, Mowgli. They are only tears."
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    Sore, sleepy, and hungry as he was, Mowgli could not help laughing when the Bandar-log began, twenty at a time, to tell him how great and wise and strong and gentle they were, and how foolish he was to wish to leave them. "We are great. We are free. We are wonderful. We are the most wonderful people in all the jungle! We all say so, and so it must be true," they shouted.
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    "Art thou hurt?" said Baloo, hugging him softly.

    "I am sore, hungry, and not a little bruised. But, oh, they have handled ye grievously, my Brothers! Ye bleed."

    "Others also," said Bagheera, licking his lips and looking at the monkey-dead on the terrace and round the tank
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    A black shadow dropped down into the cir­cle. It was Bagheera, the Black Pan­ther, inky black all over, but with the pan­ther mark­ings show­ing up in cer­tain lights like the pat­tern of wa­tered silk. Every­body knew Bagheera, and no­body cared to cross his path; for he was as cun­ning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buf­falo, and as reck­less as the wounded ele­phant. But he had a voice as soft as wild honey drip­ping from a tree, and a skin softer than down.
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    Op­press not the cubs of the stranger, but hail them as Sis­ter and Brother,
    For though they are lit­tle and fubsy, it may be the Bear is their mother.
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    His spots are the joy of the Leop­ard: his horns are the Buf­falo’s pride—
    Be clean, for the strength of the hunter is known by the gloss of his hide.
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    “We be of one blood, ye and I,” said Mowgli
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    “He has not eaten,” said Baloo, with a grunt of re­lief, as soon as he saw the beau­ti­fully mot­tled brown and yel­low jacket. “Be care­ful, Bagheera! He is al­ways a lit­tle blind af­ter he has changed his skin, and very quick to strike.”
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