David Ruffle

David Ruffle was born in Northamptonshire in the UK at an early age in 1956,yes..a long time ago. The school years passed by in a blur, or was he the blur ? He managed to extricate himself from the education system at 15 years of age and embarked on the adventure of life.Eventually, said adventure took him to Dorset and the beautiful town of Lyme Regis in July of 2004.He felt immediately at home here and surprised himself by starting to write...first, poetry and later ghost stories. All the time he felt that Lyme Regis would be a perfect place for Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson to have an adventure, any kind of adventure ! And so...Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Horror was born. The story continues.David is now with the MX publishing team and further titles have appeared; Sherlock Holmes and The Lyme Regis Legacy, Tales From The Stranger's Room (as contributor and editor),and Holmes and Watson: End Peace. A children's illustrated book, Sherlock Holmes and the Missing Snowman (with illustrations by Rikey Austin, another Lyme Regis resident and hugely talented to boot)saw the light of day in November 2012. Two weeks later the third and final part of the Sherlock Holmes/Lyme Regis trilogy appeared: Sherlock Holmes and the Lyme Regis Trials. Also in the offing is an outing to Scarborough for Holmes and Watson, a proposed tale of thievery, murder and cricket!(A collaboration).Meanwhile, he is still to be found in Lyme Regis, working away and drinking the odd cider, diet permitting. The Abyss: A Journey With Jack The Ripper is set to be published in December 2013. On a whim he decided to try his hand at comedy resulting in A Twist of Lyme and Another Twist of Lyme. These were published in 2014 along with the final book in the trilogy, A Further Twist of Lyme. New for 2015 will be, Holmes and Watson: An American Adventure. 2016 will see the publication of Holmes and Watson: An Evening in Baker Street followed by The Gondolier and the Russian Countess, a Holmes and Watson adventure set in 1902 Venice. And with any luck, Sherlock Holmes and the Scarborough Affair should surface by the end of the year!
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