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Анна Смирноваhas quoted2 years ago
In 2009, a team of researchers led by Adam Grant12 found that introverted leaders can be more effective than extroverted leaders in situations of rapid change especially when there is a need to engage everyone in the organization in finding innovative solutions to problems and new ways of doing business.
Анна Смирноваhas quoted2 years ago
But the question still remains: if leadership is less about charisma and more about developing relationships and bringing out the best
Анна Смирноваhas quoted2 years ago
“I have had six successful careers and become a leader in each one. My strengths are interest in people, communication skills, innovation, analysis, planning and follow through. All of these have benefited from my being an introvert, who thinks before he speaks, delivers on what he says, includes others in planning and builds trust.”
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