Alexey Slapovsky

Aleksey Slapovsky is a vital member of the new and brilliant group of Russian post-modern writers with approximately over 100 publications in periodic literary magazines, 15 book titles published and reprinted in Russia and 10 books translated into other languages.Aleksey Slapovsky made his name with the novel “It’s Not Me” (Russian title «Я НЕ Я»/French title “J'ai n'est pas moi”) which was short-listed for the prestigious national Booker Prize. Slapovsky started his literary career in the 80's as dramatist and successfully carries on nowadays working on theatre plays and film scripts alongside with his main occupation of writing fiction novels. He releases a book or two per year, a theatrical play per quarter and a bestseller film script that brings producers millions per week. Slapovsky is a nominee and winner of many prestigious awards and prizes. His novels are all comedy and drama in one, easily apperceived by a reader of any origin and age. Raising philosophical questions and serious issues the author always uses breathtaking narrative structure that keeps a reader constantly interested and curious; clearness and simplicity of the story telling language understandable by any target group and always - a tricking twist. His humour does not have language borders and his deepness – a bottom.Quote: “Slapovsky's humour is ebullient and his street language is just right. He writes brilliantly of the late and post-Soviet condition, but he is free from Russian obsessiveness" (Lesley Chamberlain, Prospect magazine, UK). This year’s back statement is absolutely correct nowadays as well: all what’s happening in his novels could have happen anywhere and with anybody of us.Aleksey Slapovsky is one of the most successful Russian dramatists. His plays are performed in more then 50 theaters worldwide and translated into many languages. He became famous in his own country in the 80's, and in the early 90's his plays were staged for the first time abroad.In 1990 the author was invited to the Eugene O’Neill Theater Centre (USA); in 1994 his play “My Little Cherry Orchard” won the first prize in the first European Drama Award contest. Since then his plays have been staged in the theaters of Germany, France, Sweden, Australia, Finland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and others.Slapovsky works in both comedy and drama and even creates his own genre of “comi-tragedy” which in critics opinion truly varies from pure tragic comedy but can be easily staged by theater directors in both pure comedy and existential drama. The author writes for both classical and post-modern theatres; for adults and youth. Phantasmagorias, psychological thrillers, modern parables and even “reality show” plays – that keeps Slapovsky-dramatists with over twenty years of experience always in demand on the market, as he is also always unique, brilliant and actual.Aleksey Slapovsky works as successful scriptwriter since 2000. Started as the author of TV-series and sitcoms which were a tremendous success in Russia and broadcast repeatedly on national channels - he became later one of the most popular film scenario writers whose last work, for example, brought producers over 50 million US dollars only in four weeks. (It is a sequel of the old Russian movie “The Irony Of Fate” directed by Timur Bekmambetov – one of the well-known Hollywood directors recently working on the movie “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy and Morgan Freeman; also known from “Day Watch” and ”Night Watch” movies).All of Slapovsky’s series also became a true national hit, triumph and classic of modern sitcom cinematography (especially “The District”, based on authors’ book); were distributed on DVD’s and viewed by over fifty million people.

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