Stephen Wade

Stephen Wade was born in Leeds and educated at the universities of Wales and Leeds. He taught in further and higher education for many years, and this was followed by six years as a writer working in prisons. He has written over fifty books, mainly in non-fiction, and he also lectures part-time at the University of Hull.


Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
writer and teacher, I have come to see that many people need help and guidance in the effort to understand that stock of words which lies dormant and which we call upon when we desire to explain who we are and what we want.
Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
This book is not a magical spell for transforming blandness and discontent into something rich and strange.
Menna Abu Zahrahas quotedlast year
about how you can work creative thinking into your life in a way that will give a spiritual, instinctual quality to your life; it is concerned with the ways in which language is your most powerful tool for working out change and renewal.
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