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Vi Keeland

  • Fulden Ufacıkhas quoted2 years ago
    Sometimes what you’re looking for
    comes when you’re not looking at all.

  • victoria bardancahas quotedlast year
    “Do you believe if someone takes your heart, you won’t be able to love the same way after that?”
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    Even at the end of the darkest night, the sun will rise again.
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    That’s not being afraid. Being afraid is when you let fear control your life, let it stop you from doing what you want. When you’re afraid, but you look your fear in the eye and live, that’s courageous.
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    Fear does not stop death. It stops life
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    . I didn’t care if I died of asphyxiation—I’d die deliriously happy.
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    “I think it took me this long to realize what moving on meant. It doesn’t mean forgetting what you’ve left behind. It means making her a memory and deciding to have a future without her in it.”
  • Lovianty Bhas quoted2 years ago
    . A man’s choices are his own
  • Martha Assifuabahas quotedlast month
    “I played the mother who was dying of tuberculosis. You had your nose in a crossword puzzle the entire time.”

    Oh. That play. “I might have missed some of that one. In my defense, I had just found crassword puzzles. Come on…three-letter word for something that goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft? I was busy counting the letters in dick, cock, pecker, and prick a dozen times each before figuring out the answer was gum.”

    “You’re such a perv.”

    I gave her a chaste kiss. “Where are we going for dinner, Chip?”
  • Eduarda Lopeshas quoted2 years ago
    I’d really like to fuck you. 212-538-0321

    I shook my head. Then I reached down for the other ball. I flipped it over and found:

    Stop shaking your head. You know you want to
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