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Azeez Alihas quoted2 years ago
not go into a trade without a reason. When you develop a position, you need to be sure of 2 points; one reason for the entry and also second out (quit loss). Every-time you can not be right to judge a profession so if you are wrong favorite your out (stop loss) immediately without any worry.

Do not forget this as you go forward.

Azeez Alihas quoted2 years ago
Capacity to Accept Failure.

Excellent traders understand that several of their fields would certainly not go as per their assumption. However, they likewise know that nobody else should be criticized for a bad trade. A good investor takes credit of all his fields whether great or bad. Never ever before use the language of an unsteady trader:.
• Market is extremely uneven today.
• Every time market goes against me.
• Why my stocks are stagnating with the marketplace.
• Instead of all great signals market is not going

Do not use these words.

Azeez Alihas quoted2 years ago
Buy rumours sell news.”


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