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  • cgatshas quotedlast year
    high school diploma or college degree.
  • b3110606073has quoted2 years ago
    Allison LeCavalier, college student
  • b4411808032has quotedlast year
    rather than simply jumping through hoops, you can choose to focus on a vision for yourself and your future
  • b0022099182has quotedlast year
    heart-felt anecdotes

    anecdotes sincères

  • b0022099182has quotedlast year
    merely focusing on achievements

    se concentrer uniquement sur les réalisations

  • b4814759108has quotedlast year
  • b4814759108has quotedlast year
    Self-Esteem by McKay & Fanning.
  • Anny Rudhas quoted2 years ago
    he important ‘secret’ here to grasp is that providing reasons to believe is a rather ordinary, commonly understood exercise in persuasion, but it is “low power” unless and until it is paired with an inspired desire to believe.
  • Anny Rudhas quoted2 years ago
    Because she wanted to believe, and by several kinds of compelling demonstrations, he provided her with sufficient reason to believe.
  • Anny Rudhas quoted2 years ago
    this book gets you seriously engaged in thinking about this specific subject, it will have earned its price ten-thousand fold.
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