Estelle Maskame

Estelle Maskame is a novelist from Peterhead in Scotland. After gaining universal acclaim online during her teenage years, she signed a print contract with the Edinburgh-based publisher Black & White Publishing at the age of seventeen. She left school and now writes full-time. Did I Mention I Love You? is her first novel.




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don’t know what being in love with someone is supposed to feel like,” Tyler admits with a breathy laugh, “but if being in love means thinking about someone every second of every day . . . If being in love means your entire mood shifts when they’re around . . . If being in love means you’d do anything and everything for them,” he murmurs, “then I am endlessly in love
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reasons for wanting to get nine hundred miles away from Portland.
So, I am not particularly
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The nakedness of thy sister, the daughter of thy father, or daughter of thy mother


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    Estelle Maskame
    Did I Mention I Need You?
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    I read it in one day...

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    Estelle Maskame
    Did I Mention I Love You?
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    i have to admit, that maybe i did expect different ending after years. but still, im glad that they´re married and they´re having a baby boy and expecting baby girl.. if you´ve read all dimily series, you´re gonna fall for this one..last one, unfortunately. i´m totally in love with them, even after years and i´d never get tired of reading it all oveeeer again. if you love romance, and forbidden love then this is for you.

    I recommend. i´m so glad i had a change to read them and kinda live with them, because they´ve just proved to us that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough.

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