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Estelle Maskame

Estelle Maskame is a novelist from Peterhead in Scotland. After gaining universal acclaim online during her teenage years, she signed a print contract with the Edinburgh-based publisher Black & White Publishing at the age of seventeen. She left school and now writes full-time. Did I Mention I Love You? is her first novel.




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Our new tattoos are going to be in each other’s handwriting
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You’re an ass,” I mutter, gripping his phone in my hand and angling my body away from him. I stare out the window as he over-revs the engine and sends us flying down the avenue.

“Call her,” he says again. “I have no idea where we’re going.”

I heave a sigh and sit up, turning the device around in my hands and staring at the screen for a while. “Passcode?”


Quickly I type in the digits and unlock his phone. I pull up his contacts. “Is that your favorite number or does it stand for a word or—”

“It spells out hell,” he bluntly answers. But despite his monotone, he keeps his eyes on the road and tightens his grip on the wheel. “Call her.”

Obeying his request, which is more like a demand, I scroll through his list of contacts until I find Tiffani’s number. I take notice of the unbelievable amount of numbers he has saved, the majority of which are girls’. And then I call his girlfriend.

“Baby, what’s up?” Tiffani says once she picks up, and I scrunch up my nose at the use of the pet name.

“It’s Eden,” I tell her. “Tyler’s driving. Where are we all going tonight? Has it been decided yet?”

She speaks back within a heartbeat. “Hollywood Sign. We all agreed that we have to show you it. It’s amazing.” I bite down on my lower lip as excitement radiates through my body. I’ve always wanted to visit it, and although Venice sounds great too, I’m glad they’ve chosen the sign. “Have you guys left already?”

“Yeah.” My voice hitches when the car jerks roughly to one side, Tyler’s steering skills proving to be absolutely pathetic. I wonder how he even got his license to begin with.

“I’ll text everyone and see if they’re ready and we’ll all just meet you out there,” she says sharply. “Put me on speaker for a sec.” I move the phone away from my ear, doing as she asks, and then hold the device by Tyler.

“Yeah?” he says. He glances down at the screen for only a moment before slamming on the brakes when we approach a stop sign that he obviously hadn’t noticed.

“I haven’t spoken to you all day!” Tiffani’s voice loudly echoes through the speakers. I catch Tyler roll his eyes in complete disrespect. “Did your mom let you out of the house?”

He wrenches up the parking brake and fixes me with a firm glare, slowly shaking his head before saying, “No, I was stuck inside all day.”

“That sucks,” Tiffani says. Poor, poor girl. She’s totally oblivious. “I can’t wait to see you! We won’t be too long. Just wait for us by the Sunset Ranch.”


“Love you.”

“Yeah,” he says, and then takes the phone from my hand to hang up the call. Yawning, he leans back in his seat and runs a hand through his hair.

I snort, widening my eyes in disbelief. Every day, every hour he gives me more and more reasons to detest him. “You’re unbelievable. Stuck inside all day?”
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Rachael paces back and forth across the room, checking her nails every few seconds. I can’t blame her. “I’ll take historic photo albums any day over bingo.”

“I’ll take either over throwing up,” Meghan comments from Tiffani’s side. Thankfully, she’s a little shyer than Rachael and Tiffani, so I’m not the only one barely offering input to the conversation. “My insides feel like acid.”

“At least you’re feeling better in time for your birthday,” Tiffani says. Side by side, she and Meghan have their technicians filing away at their nails. Tiffani throws a glance at Meghan. “Are you throwing a party?”

A frown grows on Meg’s lips, and she shrugs. “You know how strict my parents are.”

“Oh my God, Meghan!” Rachael explodes, halting mid-pace and throwing her hands up into the air ecstatically. “I have a free house on Saturday night; you can have a party at my place!”

“Another party?” I murmur, but luckily none of them hear me. I’ve been here for just over a week and already I’ve been to two of these trashy parties where unlimited booze, drugs and sex seem to be a general theme. I’m just not that into them.

“Are you sure?” Meghan looks at her from over her shoulder. She looks doubtful and a little guilty, and I can understand why. Rachael’s risking her house getting trashed.

Rachael rolls her eyes. “Obviously, Meg. It’s no problem. Let’s do it.”

“I’ll get Tyler to spread the word,” Tiffani offers, and when she mentions his name something flutters in my stomach. I wonder what he’s doing right now.

“Tell him not to invite Declan’s crowd,” Rachael says, and she shoots Tiffani a firm look. “


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i have to admit, that maybe i did expect different ending after years. but still, im glad that they´re married and they´re having a baby boy and expecting baby girl.. if you´ve read all dimily series, you´re gonna fall for this one..last one, unfortunately. i´m totally in love with them, even after years and i´d never get tired of reading it all oveeeer again. if you love romance, and forbidden love then this is for you.

I recommend. i´m so glad i had a change to read them and kinda live with them, because they´ve just proved to us that anything is possible, if you want it bad enough.

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    Estelle Maskame
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    Estelle Maskame
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