James Swallow

James Swallow is a British author and scriptwriter, a New York Times Bestseller and BAFTA nominee. He is the author of over forty original books and tie-in novels, as well as numerous short stories, audio dramas and videogames.His writing includes Nomad, the Sundowners series of Western fiction steampunk novels, Jade Dragon, The Butterfly Effect and fiction from the worlds of Star Trek, Warhammer 40,000, Doctor Who, 24, Deus Ex, Stargate, Tannhauser and 2000AD. He lives and works in London.




Ginger Elfhas quoted2 years ago
I just don’t think you’ll live to tell the tale.
Ginger Elfhas quoted2 years ago
Because someone has to take a stand. And like I told you before, I don’t have anything left to lose.
Ginger Elfhas quoted2 years ago
“You make it sound like the end of the world,” said Pritchard.
“Not yet,” Jensen told him, as he walked away, “but you can see it from here.”
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