Karen Weintraub

After nearly eight years as an editor at The Boston Globe, including five managing its Health/Science section, I spent the 2008-2009 academic year at MIT as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow. Now, I am a freelance writer, working for the Globe, USA Today, Technology Review, the BBC and other publications, teaching Science News Writing in Boston University’s Science Journalism graduate program (Fall semesters), and at the Harvard Extension School (Profile Writing or Freelance Writing). My book, The Autism Revolution, was published by Ballantine/Random House in March, 2012, and FAST MINDS, about adult ADHD, was published by Berkeley/Penguin in Feb. 2013. I have also co-written two e-books, Taming Temper Tantrums, and Overcome Prejudice at Work.http://karenweintraub.com/KW_home2/Ba...


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