Madeline Miller

  • Alinehas quotedlast year
    The last thing I think is: Achilles.

    Motherfucker I hate this book I hate the lack of a happy ending I hate the Greeks and their stupid honor and the gods and their stupid profecies and achilles and agamemnon and their stupid pride and patroclus and his very own brand of stupidity

  • Briahas quotedlast year
    I do not speak. I can see the temper rising in him. It is like watching a storm come, when there is no shelter.
  • Diana Shumilovahas quotedlast year
    Always before, her hurts had been small, and there had been someone to offer her comfort. Now there was only this room, the bare walls and single chair, the closet of her grief.
  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    His trust was a part of him, as much as his hands or his miraculous feet. And despite my hurt, I would not wish to see it gone, to see him as uneasy and fearful as the rest of us, for any price.
  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    He was spring, golden and bright.
  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    I did not plan to live after he was gone.


  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    a bitterness of habit, of boy after boy trained for music and medicine, and unleashed for murder.
  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    They feasted on the curve of her neck, a flash of ankle


  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    And his own daughter. We were horrified and angry

    rightfully so

  • Dayahas quotedlast year
    That night, slipping among us like a snake, quick and silent and flickering, the plague began.

    Moses style

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