Maud C.Cooke



Софияhas quotedlast year
"The longer I live the more I am impressed with the importance of manners. When we reflect upon their persuasive and cheering force, how they recommend, prepare and draw people together; when we think what keys they are, and to what secrets; what high and inspiring character they convey and what divination is required of us for the reading of this fine telegraphy, we see what range the subject has."
Alexandra Skitiovahas quoted5 months ago
"Observe carefully what pleases or displeases you in others, and be persuaded that, in general, the same things will please or displease them in you."
Alexandra Skitiovahas quoted4 months ago
These little things that mark one as being "to the manor born" are not the growth of moments but the slow accretions of years;
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