Aleister Gilgrim

Aleister Gilgrim grew up with a strong fascination for horror culture, graffiti, old manga, comic art, Frankenstein monsters and terrible unicorns. Graduating from Chapman University, Aleister has worked in print comics, as a professional tattoo artist, a branding manager, VP of Creative Development, painter, freelance illustrator, clothing designer and concept artist/character designer.His first original graphic novel, The Cemeterians was published through SLG and he has worked with Tokyopop, SK Media (Korea), SLG, Rockett, All Hallows and others. While Aleister was a freelance illustrator, character designer and concept designer for Disney Publishing's "Disney English" Project he was also putting the final touches on the graphic novel 'Ferrymen' which he had actually begun before 'Cemeterians'.Since leaving the house of Mouse in the Disney English and later Disney Digital Media projects and divisions he is looking forward to beginning work on a new series of gallery pieces and getting back into making comics for fun and profit. Aleister has lived in the US, Russia and Japan. Currently, he is the head of product for Star Labs Ltd and the Readz product line. He lives quite happily with Mary B in their secret coast-side fortress at an unspecified location, where the ocean touches the West Coast of the United States.




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