Rainer Maria Rilke

  • Alehas quoted3 months ago
    The process of Art is on the one hand sensuous, the conception having for its basis the fineness of organization of the senses; and on the other hand it is severely scientific, the value of the creation being dependent upon the craftsmanship, the mastery over the tool, the technique.
  • Alehas quoted3 months ago
    Art alone gives to the age its spiritual physiognomy, its ultimate and lasting expression.
  • b6472003081has quotedlast year
    Out of my dark hours wisdom dawns apace,
    Infinite Life unrolls its boundless space ...
  • b4845657265has quotedlast year
    Before us great Death stands
    Our fate held close within his quiet hands.
    When with proud joy we lift Life's red wine
    To drink deep of the mystic shining cup
  • b4845657265has quotedlast year
    And ecstasy through all our being leaps—
    Death bows his head and weeps.
  • b4845657265has quotedlast year
    Expectant and waiting you muse
    On the great rare thing which alone
    To enhance your life you would choose:
    The awakening of the stone,
    The deeps where yourself you would lose
  • annkaragwahas quotedlast year
    When thou art dreaming then I am thy Dream,
    But when thou art awake I am thy Will
    Potent with splendour, radiant and sublime,
    Expanding like far space star-lit and still
    Into the distant mystic realm of Time
  • annkaragwahas quotedlast year
    Extinguish my eyes, I still can see you,
    Close my ears, I can hear your footsteps fall,
    And without feet I still can follow you,
    And without voice I still can to you call.
    Break off my arms, and I can embrace you,
    Enfold you with my heart as with a hand.
    Hold my heart, my brain will take fire of you
  • annkaragwahas quotedlast year
    Then I feel the storm and am vibrant like the sea
    And expand and withdraw into myself
    And thrust myself forth and am alone in the great storm
  • annkaragwahas quotedlast year
    Over the road to you the leaves are blowing,
    Few follow it, the way is long and steep.
    You dwell in solitude—Oh, does your glowing
    Heart in some far off valley lie asleep?
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