Diego Tres

"Diego Tres has worked professionally since 2000, mostly with large global brands, such as Google, MasterCard, and PepsiCo. He has developed extensive technical skills in developing websites from designing to programming, and he is always aligned with a great business vision. He is always focused on frontend and is obstinate for perfection, seeking all the details involved in the execution of work to get the best results. He was born in 1983. During his childhood, he joined a drawing course and also a painting course. After he broke his legs, he started playing keyboards in his samba group that he played keyboards. Later, he won a 586 computer from his stepfather, which included the famous software, Paint Brush; he then started gaining knowledge about Photoshop and HTML. In 1999, he published his first website using Microsoft Front Page and Macromedia Flash. His first job was as an instructor in web design; he began using web standards in the development of various applications and AJAX, and got a promotion in the same year. Later, he launched his first website for a global brand, Samsung. In 2007, he was selected as a finalist in the Grand Prix (London International Awards) for the first time. The very next year, he founded his own advertising agency; however, he unfortunately failed the first time due to the stock market crash. Later, he began using HTML5 and preprocessors, such as SASS and LESS. He also launched his website using responsive web design and Mobile First design. Recently, he had his name on a winning project. Now he enjoys animations with CSS, SVG, Canvas, and WebGL."


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