Jason Scotts

Jason Scotts has many interests and has written many books about them. In his books, he talks about each passion how it starts, the process and how you can use it in real life situations. Throughout the course of his career he has become familiar with the challenges that many people have and has also found quite a number of solutions to not only solve those problems but to keep them from resurfacing in the future. As he is aware that persons do not really have the time to be deciphering text he writes in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. Through his text Jason helps the reader to learn new techniques or to perfect old ones. He is focused on educating and informing as the main goal to help those who are seeking answers.


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The mind is non-physical while the brain is a physical organ inside our bodies.
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Most of our daily activity is in the active state of beta that is left brained. By moving into alpha and theta we allow the right half of our brain to activate. The right brain is the seat of intuition and creativity.
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Reading classic literature can help to improve your long term memory in many ways.


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