Gae Polisner

Gae Polisner

I am the author of THE SUMMER OF LETTING GO and THE PULL OF GRAVITY. Please note that, although I originally tried to assign star-ratings to my book reviews (and, thus, you will see some of my favorite books with stars), I have stopped doing so. A 3-star review, for example, can mean such different things to readers and reviewers, some rarely give more, so 3 means pretty great, to others 3 is barely mediocre. Because of this, it feels arbitrary and capricious to assign them, and I'd rather merely provide (in some cases) my brief thoughts on the book (unless I really can't help myself in giving it 5-stars, which usually means I wish there were lots more to give. . .). But for the most part, I'm only going to add the word recommended.As for writer-me, if you want to know more about me, you can find me at my website, You may also find me on twitter (gaepol) or on facebook here: and a number of other social networking sites.I'd love to interact with you here or there. :)
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