Graham Allcott

    b9733719910has quoted2 years ago
    Time might be spent, but attention still needs to be paid.
    George Titushas quoted2 years ago
    Change can come from trying new things, but can also come from revisiting, refreshing or reinforcing good habits.
    Marianahas quoted2 years ago
    what ‘improving productivity’ is: good habits, skills and behaviours.
    kamnihas quotedlast year
    You can’t manage time but you can manage attention.
    Unlike time, attention isn’t a fixed resource, and an hour of proactive attention is far more valuable than an hour of inactive attention.
    It’s important to think about the quality of our attention and aim for Zen-like calm: that state where we’re interacting only with the thing in front
    Anastasiya Glushkovahas quotedlast year
    Promise me this solemnly. Never, ever forget that you are not a superhero. You are a Ninja. You’re human. You must realize that the world changes, but that you’re as prepared as you can be
    Dinara Halikovahas quoted2 years ago
    Realize that you’ll never get everything done. That’s not the game any more. Be safe in the knowledge that you’re in control, selecting the right things to do, and that you’re doing as much as one human being possibly can, and you will find a way through it.
    Dinara Halikovahas quoted2 years ago
    ‘Joining a Facebook group about productivity is like buying a chair about jogging.’
    – Merlin Mann
    Dinara Halikovahas quoted2 years ago
    The resistance is a mindset, usually developed by the lizard brain, characterized by stress, anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success and a whole host of other emotions that whir around our brains and tell us to stand still
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    ‘Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule priorities’
    b9733719910has quoted2 years ago
    Look after this currency, as it’s the most valuable currency in the world.
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