Diogo Resende

Diogo Resende is a passionate developer obsessed with perfection in everything he works on. He loves everything about the Internet of Things, which is the ability to connect everything together and always be connected to the world.
He studied computer science and graduated in engineering. At that time, he deepened his knowledge of computer networking and security, software development, and cloud computing. Over the past 10 years, Diogo has embraced different challenges to develop applications and services to connect people with embedded devices around the world, building a bridge between old and uncommon protocols and the Internet of today.
ThinkDigital has been his employer and a major part of his life for the last few years. It offers services and expertise in areas such as computer networking and security, automation, smart metering, and fleet management and intelligence. Diogo has also published many open source projects. You can find them all, with an MIT license style, on his personal GitHub page under the username dresende.


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