Jon Spoelstra

Jon Spoelstra

I wrote Red Chaser, a noir thriller about the 1950s, the Cold War and the Brooklyn Dodgers and didn't even try to go to a mainstream publisher. I only wanted it on Kindle. After all, it's projected that there will be 28 million of these devices out there in three or four years. And, importantly, a Kindle book can be read on a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry. Wow, this gives an author the opportunity to reach readers on a direct path. This is appealing to me. In my last book, a non-fiction marketing book, I put my personal email address in the dust jacket. My publisher warned me against that. I got over 5,000 emails from readers. That was terrific! I answered each one.For the past year, Red Chaser has been in the top 2% of Kindle books sold. While I would like it to inch up even further in the charts, it has encouraged me to write another novel. I need to do some more editing (ALWAYS need more editing!), but it will be coming out this year.So, if you like my writing, here's an opportunity to like more of it. Read Red Chaser and let me know what you think of it. My personal email is Happy reading!
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