Nadia Cohen

Nadia Cohen is an English author, editor, and journalist who has written more than a dozen historical and contemporary biographies, including The Real Beatrix Potter, The Real Roald Dahl, The Extraordinary Life of AA Milne, and The Real Enid Blyton.

Nadia Cohen is a graduate of Durham University. She worked at various newspapers and magazines in London, including Grazia, The Daily Mail, and The Sun. She joined the launch of the US magazine In Touch Weekly and spent several years working in New York, Los Angeles, and Ibiza.

She also worked as a radio presenter at BBC and produced a series of documentaries for ITV. Now Nadia Cohen lectures in Journalism at London South Bank University and the University of Winchester.

In 2022 Cohen joined the Loveday family as their Resident Author.

She currently lives in London.


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