Mihaela Lela Tribuljak

Mihaela Lela Tribuljak was born on April 28th 1980 in Našice, Croatia.
During the Homeland war she was displaced from her family home in Borovo Naselje and with her mother and younger sister returns to her hometown, where she finished highschool.
After finishing her formal education, she moves from Našice to different parts of the country and one period of her life, she spends outside Croatia.
During her movement, she met different people and cultures and felt relations in the societies in those environments.
Since always, she cherished her love towards nature nature and animals, with all its surroundings. From the earliest youth, creativity and imagination grew in her, and haven't disappeared until this very day.
In contrary, they got stornger.
Life nowadays she considers to be tough, and with sadness she observes interhuman relations, in families and the society in general, as well as the man's behavior towards the nature, animals, himself and to the resources that planet provides us.
Observing the girl she spent time with and her innocent view of life, she returned to her early childhood marked by a tragedy of losing her father. With the power of these thoughts, she decided to dedicate herself to writing this fantastic story in which she pours her children's carefreeness and playfulness, worry and sadness of a grown up, but also a hope for better future.


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