Matt Taibbi

Named one of fifty Power Punks of 2003 by the New York Observer, Matt Taibbi is a writer for Rolling Stone and a longtime media critic. He recently returned from Russia, where he edited the satirical magazine The eXile. He has also played professional basketball in Mongolia. The author of Spanking the Donkey (The New Press), Insane Clown President, and The Great Derangement, among other books, he lives in Manhattan.




Tsimafei Prakapenkahas quoted7 months ago
People need to start understanding the news not as “the news,” but as just such an individualized consumer experience—anger just for you.
lizzylizardhas quotedlast year
But it took a long time to get him to stop asking for weed on the phone. Now if he wants something, he’ll text me an asterisk. Not much of an improvement, but a step in the right direction
lizzylizardhas quotedlast year
Also, just to make an observation, Brutus does not wear a shirt 100 percent of the time he’s out of his house. He’s not wearing one now.
“Brutus, man,” I say, “I don’t
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