Sophie Hannah

    Maria Talathas quoted7 months ago
    Silence raises pain

    higher than words.
    Dianahas quoted2 years ago
    ‘The Octopus Nest’, sets the book’s confident narrative tone … menacing enough to keep the pages turning, and astute enough about rocky relationships to make even the narrator wince.
    Алексей Гомерhas quoted2 years ago
    In one photograph our blonde ghost was touching me. Her shoulder was pressed against mine in a crowded wine bar. Hay-on-Wye? No, Cheltenham. Another of Timothy’s literary holidays. I was holding
    Matt & Charlhas quotedlast year
    HERE OUGHT TO BE A WORD TO DESCRIBE THE PERSON WE most wish we had never met. I won’t invent one – I shudder at the thought – but somebody should, so that we know to expect that person in our lives, even if they haven’t arrived yet. Such a word, such a concept, might help us to recognise them while there is still time to escape, before they h
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