Jonathon Jones

Jonathon Jones was born in the suburbs, surrounded by a non-stop corn field in every direction. He is the son of a Vietnam War veteran, the grandson of two War World II veterans, and the step-grandson of a Korean War veteran.Learning strength and resilience was second nature due to that, but his life hasn't always been so serious. His younger days can easily be described as a combination of seventies childhood fun and scenes from old Saturday Evening Post covers all rolled up into one.As life moved on, he achieved a BA in Art History, an MA in Library Science, and became a member of the Society for Collegiate Scholars as well as the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. He accomplished his academic goals, but he was far from done.It all started with a dating guide, written out of frustration over how people present themselves online. His next work dealt with one of his old-time loves passed down to him from his grandma, antiques and collectibles. Following that was a series of toy books based on the 1970's childhood delights that he remembered well.It was fun, but the spark of it being a possible career wasn't truly realized until his father came to him with a story about his life and times during the Vietnam War. When Jonathon read it, he knew he had to help edit and publish it. It was a story that needed to be told. Jonathon currently resides in Florida with his girlfriend and near his family, whom he would like to thank wholeheartedly for giving him the hope and inspiration that he needs to make all of his dreams come true.
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