Justine Faeth

Justine Faeth is a dreamer and searching for her "Mr. Right" while she writes her books. Her first published book is "Chat Love", modern fiction, of a woman who is turning twenty-eight, has her high school reunion to go to, her large Italian family is pressuring her to get married, and she is still single. She experiences trouble finding a man to have a relationship with, and with a few pushes from her friends, she decides to try out Chat Love, an online dating service. While on Chat Love, she starts to fall for her moody, self-centered, conceited, ridiculously good-looking co-worker but with his womanizing reputation, she decides to continue dating other men. She meets some strange men and goes on some crazy dates through Chat Love but doesn’t give up on meeting her Mr. Right, even though her thoughts linger on her sexy co-worker. The market for this book is people who have and are experiencing the online dating world as well as people who are curious about it. This book is better than others on the market, as it is based on true events. With people’s busy schedules, no one has time or the patience to go out and meet someone. Going to bars/clubs or hiring a matchmaker can be expensive as well as time consuming. Online dating is the new and easy way to meet someone without the hassle and everyone is doing it. I have met many men from a dating site that I joined and have had some positive experiences, as well as some negative.Justine Faeth just turned thirty, living in the greatest city of the world, Manhattan, comes from a large and crazy Italian family, and writing her second book. Besides writing, Justine loves animals, reading, traveling, dining out, shopping, tennis, swimming, the outdoors and is a animal advocate.


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