Carol Marinelli

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    He made sure she was frantic for his soothing and then, without warning, without even subtly checking, his hand slipped into her dressing gown and caressed a nipple that was hard and waiting.
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    He would be in bed early tomorrow, preparing himself for a very long operation, and he would be living more or less between his office and Paulo’s bedside for a couple of days afterwards.
    If Paulo made it.
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    That was the hard part over with, thought Zack as he headed off to scrub.
    Now came the harder part, eight hours of surgery.
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    The whole clinic was on tenterhooks throughout a very long day.
    The estimated operating time of eight hours became nine.
    Nine became ten and as it did so Freya’s phone went again. She knew, even without looking, that it would be Mila.
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    ‘I was just coming in to tell you. Paulo’s in Recovery and Zack is, basically, amazing,’ James said, and the animosity between him and Freya was temporarily cast aside for a moment just to breathe in the relief. ‘It’s still very early days, of course. I can see why no one wanted to touch that heart.’ James shook his head. ‘It was a mess, yet it was like watching a miracle to see him operate. Zack must have nerves of steel.’
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    Zack was awesome,’ Abi said. ‘There was no music, no chatter. Zack just stopped for water and half a banana a couple of times. It was so intense in there, there were a couple of near misses—not that you’d have known from watching Zack.’
    Oh, Zack knew all about the misses.
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    ‘Shouldn’t you get something to eat?’ Sonia broke into his thoughts. ‘I could be calling on you a lot throughout the night.’
    Zack nodded. ‘I just rang down and asked for a meal to be left in my office.’ Sonia was right, he had done all he could, and for now Paulo was critical but stable and there was a whole team starting to take over his care. ‘I’m going to try and grab an hour of sleep,’ he said. ‘Page me for anything. Don’t wait.’
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    Go and have a rest,’ Freya said. She had never seen someone look so wiped out.
    ‘I’m just going to try and grab an hour and then head back up there.’
    ‘Do you want me to come and wake you?’
    ‘Would you?’
    Zack went to go and then again changed his mind. ‘Freya, could you take my pager and answer it? If it’s PICU come and get me straight away but if it’s anyone else...’
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    ‘Were you going home?’ Zack checked.
    The food was amazing, and he ate it and then rehydrated with more water. Then he lay back on the plush couch and tried not to go over the surgery in his head. He just wanted to clear his mind.
    Only he couldn’t.
    Twice during the surgery he’d thought he’d been wrong to take the procedure on. One hour in, he had considered closing but had pushed on. Five hours in he had been certain that the heart was too much of a mess, but it wasn’t as if he’d had any choice by then but to carry on.
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    He was not going to spill it all out just because he was tired, and anyway PICU rang at that moment to alter some drug doses for Paulo.
    ‘He’s doing all the right things,’ Zack said, leaning back. ‘I’ll go and review him at midnight, unless there’s any change before then.’
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