Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor is a British journalist and the author of How Star Wars Conquered the Universe. His book on the history of Star Wars is an international bestseller and has been translated into 11 languages.

Chris Taylor is a graduate of Merton College, Oxford, and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He began his career as a sub-editor at national newspapers in London and Glasgow.

He moved to the U.S. in 1996 and became a senior news writer for a year later.

In 2000, he was named San Francisco bureau chief for Time magazine. Chris Taylor has served as senior editor for Business 2.0, West Coast editor for Fortune Small Business, and West Coast web editor for Fast Company.

Now, Taylor is the deputy editor of Mashable, one of the world's largest independent news websites.

He is also a long-time volunteer at 826 Valencia, the nationwide after-school program co-founded by author Dave Eggers.

Chris Taylor lives in San Francisco.

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Star Wars had become the one movie series for which it is always perfectly acceptable in modern society to discuss spoilers. (Vader, by the way, is Luke Skywalker’s dad.)
b7441252486has quoted2 years ago
How far has this benign cultural infection spread? Is there anyone on the planet not carrying a little piece of Star Wars code in their heads? “We do not know how many individual people have seen a Star Wars movie in a theater,” a Lucasfilm spokesperson told me, “but we do know that there have been approximately 1.3 billion admissions over the six films worldwide.” That seems a conservative estimate, and it would be equally conservative to add another billion home video viewers on top of that, judging by the $6 billion the franchise has earned in VHS and DVD sales over the years. This does not even begin to count video store rentals or the vast market of pirated copies. How many billions more have watched it on TV, or seen an ad, or picked up one tiny piece of the $32 billion worth of Star Wars–licensed merchandise that’s cluttering up the planet? Or, to look at the question the other way around, how many billions, or millions, of people have managed to avoid every last one of these trappings of the Star Wars franchise? And just who are these people?


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