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jessica araujohas quoted2 years ago
“The collars. We were saying, mate, in slang, that many women back on Earth would be willing to kill to get their hands on Prillon mating collars.”

One of the officers I hadn’t noticed before leaned back in his seat and caught my eye as he spoke for the first time. “Give me the coordinates, Commander, and I shall set course for Earth at once. We wouldn’t want any females to suffer when we have an abundance of males willing to collar and claim them rather than waiting for their brides.”

The commander now understood I was joking, but obviously the officer hadn’t. Commander Zakar shook his head
roxanafmmhas quoted2 years ago
“I need to move.”
I couldn’t remain still. I needed the friction, the slide of his hard flesh over every single nerve ending inside me.
jessica araujohas quotedlast year
I was fine to be considered less.
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