Evelyn Everett-Green

Born in 1856, Evelyn Everett-Green was the daughter of noted Victorian historian Mary Anne Everett Green, and her husband, artist George Pycock Green. She was educated at home when young, before attending Bedford College (1872-73), during which time she wrote her first novel, and the Royal Academy of Music. Her plans to keep house for her brother in India were forestalled by his death in 1876, and she turned to social service, nursing, and Sunday School teaching.Everett-Green's first novel to be published, Tom Tempest's Victory, appeared in 1880, followed by more than 300 other books over the next fifty years, ranging from stories for young girls, to romantic fiction for older readers. She moved from London to Albury, Surrey in 1883, setting up house with her friend, Catherine Mainwaring Sladen. In 1911, the two moved abroad, eventually settling in Madeira. Evelyn Everett-Green died in 1932.
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