Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar is an Indian nutrition expert and author. He has written several books that have sold over a million copies and have been translated into seven languages. She believes in a balanced diet that combines traditional Indian wisdom with modern nutritional science.

Rujuta Diwekar was born into a middle-class Maharashtrian family. She was influenced by her family's commitment to yoga and learning.

A degree from SNDT Women's University was earned in 1999, followed by specialized training at the Australian Institute of Sport in 2010 and further studies at the University of Potsdam in 2015. Her professional path took a significant turn when Mumbai University, in collaboration with IIT Mumbai, began a postgraduate program in Sports Science and Nutrition.

Throughout her career, Diwekar has emphasized the importance of returning to one's roots in dietary practices, encapsulated in her mantra — "Eat local, think global." This philosophy guides her work. She combines yoga, Vedanta, and Ayurveda with nutrition and sports science expertise.

Her work continues to shape the conversation about food and exercise in India, making her a pivotal figure in nutrition and health advocacy. She is a respected author and the country's leading speaker on health and wellness, recognized with the 'Nutrition Award' by the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology.

One of her notable works is Pregnancy Notes. Before, During & After (2017) addresses common myths about diet during pregnancy and suggests a traditional yet scientific approach to nutrition.

Rujuta Diwekar lives in Mumbai.

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