Наталья Богатыреваhas quoted2 years ago
Certain days are less productive than others. Make note of the days on which you’re losing time to activities such as watching TV or unscheduled visitors to your office. Be especially alert to distractions on those days; reaffirm your commitment to getting past the coffee cart and around the in-basket to your desk for at least thirty minutes first thing in the morning, to start the day with positive momentum.
Наталья Богатыреваhas quoted2 years ago
If, for example, you watch TV after giving up on a project, giving up will become an even stronger negative habit because it is followed by a reward. Conversely, if balancing the books, writing, or painting comes before watching TV, eating, or sleeping, a positive habit is formed.
Наталья Богатыреваhas quoted2 years ago
“ A mistake will not be the end of the world because I won’t let it be. I will pick myself up and will try again—regardless of how embarrassed or hurt I feel.”
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