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Richard Cooper

  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Until a man accepts this reality, and updates his core beliefs, he will forever struggle with the reality the Red Pill brings.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Women, as a function of adaptation, need to be able to adapt quickly and move from man-to-man easily.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Never forget:

    Third-wave feminism isn’t even close to being about “equality.”
    Rather, it’s about female dominance and male submission.
    Hypergamy is an evolutionary survival technique that ensures the female, and then her kids, are looked after by the strongest, most resourceful man.
    Society often sees men as the disposable sex.
    For example, the classic “Women and children first” approach on sinking ships (or other disasters).
    Men make up nearly all suicides (with many of them being because of failed past relationships - especially ones that involve his kids that he’s no longer “allowed” to see).
    If you can’t learn to accept this way of life, then you run the very real risk of taking the “Black Pill” and becoming exceptionally jaded against all women and pursuing any type of relationship with them (whether that is spinning plates, non-exclusive LTRs, or otherwise).
    You can prevent this from happening by updating your belief system with healthy adaptations and then learning how to maximize your benefits while minimizing the risks.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    From my personal experience, and the many men I’ve coached, women will
    break the rules for a man she deems to be alpha.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Never forget:
    Women break rules for alphas and make them for betas.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    subconsciously shit test men
    all the time
    to see if they are alpha or beta.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    Men need to understand.
    Anytime you negotiate desire, it automatically creates obligated compliance.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    The same woman who was previously lecturing me about her ”Eight date rule,” was ready to bang me in the bathroom.
    Literally only 20-minutes after I sat down with her.

    It was a shit test - and I passed it with flying colors.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    A woman
    break all her rules if she views you as an alpha.

    She will enter your frame.
    She will come to you.
    She will swallow.
    She will have sex with you on her period.
    She will enthusiastically say “I want to feel you everywhere,” and put your cock in her ass.
    She will make you breakfast in the morning, make your bed, do the laundry.
    And, ultimately, if you can maintain the frame of such a dynamic on a long-term basis, she
    become a compliment to your life.
  • Carlos Cortéshas quoted2 years ago
    A woman spends years 'changing' her man, then wonders what happened to the guy she fell in love with.

    - Anon.
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