Tej Turner

Tej Turner is a writer of fantasy, horror and speculative fiction. His parents moved around a bit while he was growing up so he doesn’t have any particular place he calls “home”, but for a large part of his youth he dwelled in Westcountry of England. He went on to Trinity College in Carmarthen to study Film and Creative Writing and later to complete an MA at The University of Wales, Lampeter, where he minored in ancient history but mostly focused on sharpening his writing skills.A childhood of being on the move obviously rubbed off on him because he often gets itchy feet and flies off on adventures to trek around jungles, forests and canyons, and explore temples, reefs and cities. He keeps a travelblog which can be found on his website (http://tejturner.wordpress.com)When he is not gallivanting around the world Tej is usually based in Cardiff, where he works as a chef by day, writes by moonlight, and squeezes in the occasional trip to roam around megalithic sites and British countryside.He is currently engaged in writing an epic fantasy series which he is seeking a publisher for.


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