Mike Baron

Mike Baron grew up in South Dakota where he fell in love with comics courtesy of Uncle Scrooge. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin he moved to Boston to write. His first job: smoking dope for the government. He wrote about it and landed a position with the Boston Phoenix. Mike returned to Madison in ’77 and took a job at an insurance company. That lasted until he met Steve Rude, with whom he created the award-winning and groundbreaking science fiction title Nexus. He has also written Punisher, Flash, Star Wars, and his other creation, Badger. Mike moved to Colorado in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he finally figured out how to write novels. Mike’s a slow learner. But now he gets it. Biker, about reformed motorcycle hoodlum Josh Pratt, was his first published work followed by Helmet Head, about Nazi biker zombies, Skorpio, about a ghost who only appears under a blazing sun, and Whack Job, about spontaneous human combustion and alien invasion. He has finished three more Josh Pratt novels which Liberty Island will publish. He lives in Colorado with his wife and some dogs, rides motorcycles, and trains at Karate West.


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