Wagner Roberto dos Santos

Wagner Roberto dos Santos is an Italian Brazilian software architect living in Dublin, Ireland. He has more than 14 years of professional IT experience in software development, architecture, and Agile methodologies.
He is specialized in Java Enterprise technologies, and has deep knowledge of new emerging technologies such as cloud computing, NoSQL, and big data. As an architect, he supports teams in designing and developing scalable and maintainable solutions, following best practices, design patterns, and Domain-Driven Design practices.
As an agile coach, he supports teams in the adoption of Agile methodologies, such as Scrum, extreme programming, and Kanban, to make faster and better software deliveries to demanding time scales.
Until last year, Wagner was an MBA professor of distributed computing and Java Enterprise Development at FIAP and was also an instructor of several Agile and Java courses at Globalcode, a well-known Brazilian educational center specialized in software development.
Wagner contributes actively to the Agile and Java communities in Brazil. He is a member of SOUJava and speaks regularly at conferences such as The Developers Conference and Campus Party. He is also the former lead editor of the Architecture Queue at InfoQ Brasil and writes regularly for IT magazines, such as Mundo Java and Java Magazine.
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