Chris de Pavilly

Chris de Pavilly believes that the story is important, not the storyteller, and in consequence dislikes being interviewed:"Hmm. In times like these I have a tendency to resort to flippancy. It's far too much like a job interview: your potential employer leans forward and says Tell me about yourself. Immediately all sorts of ridiculous answers start winging through my head, ranging from the pseudo-Caesarean (I came, I saw, I ran like buggery) to the breezy (I'm bright, intelligent, wonderful, and above all modest). None of which is very helpful."Chris started The Blade and The Sunlight at the age of thirteen and did most of the writing between midnight and four in the morning, generally on the day of an exam. A firm believer in Terry Pratchett's Inspirational Particle theory, although suspecting them to be sentient as they always manage to arrive at awkward times - and they have no idea how to form an orderly queue. Chris claims to write mainly in self-defence, since otherwise sleep would just be a word in the dictionary.


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