Joanne Levy

Joanne Levy’s love of books began at a very early age. Being the youngest and the only female among four children, and the daughter to voracious readers, she was often left to her own devices and could frequently be found sitting in a quiet corner with her nose in a book. A survivor of the corporate world, Joanne now works from home, supporting other authors and creating the friends she wishes she had when she was a kid. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, two mischievous cats, a mean African Grey parrot and a sweet but not-so-smart dog. When she’s not busy working at her treadmill desk, she enjoys reading (obviously), painting (badly), and taking long walks with her faithful writing companion, Labrador Retriever, Zoe. Crushing It is her second published novel, her first was Small Medium at Large.About my reviews: I'm an author, so I know what it's like to get a non-stellar review of my book. So, with that in mind, I only review books I really like.


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