Will McGrath

Will McGrath has worked as a reporter, homeless shelter caseworker, public radio producer, UPS truck loader, Burger King mayo-applicator, ghostwriter, and ghosteditor, in slightly different order. He spent twenty months living in the southern African kingdom of Lesotho—the subject of his forthcoming book, Everything Lost is Found Again (Dzanc Books), which won the Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize in 2017. He has written for The Atlantic, Pacific Standard, Foreign Affairs, Guernica, and Roads & Kingdoms, among other magazines and journals. His writing has won nonfiction awards including the 2014 Felice Buckvar Prize and has been translated into Chinese, Hungarian, and Japanese.



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After living in the mountains long enough, a question will wriggle to the surface of your mind
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But tonight we are walking out along the gorge, watching the sunset soften the jagged clefts of the earth, the falling light now charging the landscape with strange cryptozoological power. Across the river, the hills have taken on the appearance of massive beasts slumped against the land, dozing in Mesozoic slumber—fantastical creatures with thick furred hides, no known kingdom or phylum.
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When I come in the following week, she can barely walk across the room, her face drawn, her eyes absent their color.
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