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George Pain

  • jennycuteamarahas quoted2 years ago
    Schedule 2-4 hours every week to focus on your content creation processes
  • jennycuteamarahas quoted2 years ago
    Think about how you would educate them about the unique aspects or qualities of your business; the unique benefits and advantages of your products or services; what problems you help people solve; how you help improve or add value to other people’s lives, why people need your products or services, etc
  • jennycuteamarahas quoted2 years ago
    Ensure that your content reflects the consistency and continuity of your brand. Review your editorial stands periodically to ascertain that the tone and voice of your brand are consistent with the blog persona in general. Are you positioning yourself as a fun, youthful, fresh blog for a younger audience? Are you positioning yourself as an authoritative and serious source of information in your industry?
  • Georgi Andonovhas quotedlast year
    Volume Weighted Moving Average (VWMA)
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    It makes your brand comes across as likable, relatable, identifiable and human
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    By the end of this content creation strategy guide you will know the best way to

    Plan for great content
    Create quality content
    Use scheduling tools to automate your publishing and make engagement easy
    And much more
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    Planning is extremely important to transform occasional content creation into focused content marketing
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    Always try to plan out at least 12 weeks of content so that you will have a clear idea on how your content will tie in with your marketing, sales and ultimate business goals
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    for the months ahead
  • Jennycutehas quoted2 years ago
    Getting themes
    Creating images
    Writing posts
    Posting or scheduling posts
    Sharing these posts on social media
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