Patricia Weber

Patricia Weber is one of the first people since 2006 to lead the way in support of introverts, as "America's #1 Coach For Introverts (and extroverts reluctant to sell)", and is an introvert herself.
Working with individuals, groups, and on the speakers' platform, she supports introverts to experience more personal energy, more vitality, and in the end, more success.
Since 1990, Patricia's coaching has transformed the lives of introverts who typically sell reluctantly or lead with less than stellar personal power. She has helped them as her clients to become people who are beacons of success for others in their organizations.
An award winning, top selling salesperson and sales manager, Patricia has assisted her business clients reach higher sales goals and simultaneously improved organizational leadership. She has taught many people to speak with more confidence, deliver effective presentations, and increase sales by more than 100%.
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